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Foggy Forest




1 -2 single-person interviews

or 1 two-person conversation

1 supplemental footage shoot


2-5 min. edited promo video

3 social media short videos

(with custom branding)

includes drone footage


3 roundtable interview conversations

(8 people max)

2 supplemental footage shoots

(up to 4hrs each)

20-30 min edited documentary video*

8 social media short videos

(custom branding)

archive photos integrated

includes drone footage

1 yr Basic legacy web page*


1 roundtable interview conversation

(4 people max)

1 supplemental footage shoot

(up to 4hrs)

10-20 min edited documentary video*

5 social media short videos

(custom branding)

archive photos integrated

includes drone footage


4 roundtable interview conversations

(12 people max)

3 supplemental footage shoots

(up to 4hrs each)

30-50 min edited documentary video*

10 social media short videos

(custom branding)

archive photos & videos integrated*

includes drone footage

1 yr Premium legacy web page*

Please contact us to learn more about pricing and options.

Just as each story is different, so is each documentary. 




Let's Say Hello!

If you are considering a documentary project, it’s best to begin with a simple phone call, face-to-face meeting, or video chat to introduce yourself. We want to learn about your story and your hopes for a potential project. Please fill out your contact information, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


After getting to know each other, we will suggest a quote, timeline, and schedule for the production. The three-step process below will give you an idea of our typical workflow. However, each story is different and so is each documentary project. We want to work with you to help you achieve your vision!


Project Planning

Determine interview location:

Planning for the primary interview session comes first. The interview day can take place at your home, place of business, or another location to which you have access. If you don’t want to use your own location, we can locate a space that works well both logistically and for the story, we are telling together.

Gather your memories:

It is very important to bring as much material to the table as possible. Old videos, news articles, photos, letters, and anything else! Formal photos and candid snapshots are equally valuable to your story. We want everything you may consider to be relevant. If you need help turning your old photos and films into digital files, we can work with you to find the right service, or we can add it to your package with us. If you already have some of your memories digitized and ready to go, even better!

Workshop the story:

After a bit of writing and research, our producers will circle back with you for a meeting prior to the primary interview day. Our goal is to discuss our take on your story and present you with a list of potential questions and topics that we want to cover. Now is the time to get on the same page with the Good Timber creative team to ensure we go into production with the same goals and expectations.


Project Recording

Tell your story:

The primary interview day will typically take place over a 2-6 hour period. We will make sure your group is prepared with what to expect. Don’t overthink it: the most important thing for participants to remember is to be themselves, relax and have fun with the process.


One or more additional filming sessions will take place to capture your family or team in action. This is called B-roll. We will utilize the latest and greatest techniques in video production to highlight people, properties, vehicles, and/ or collections – anything current or historic that helps tell your story.


Project Assembly & Editing

Assemble and polish:

The Good Timber team will get to work crafting your story. You will have two opportunities to weigh in and steer the direction of your video during the editing process. First, we will provide you with a rough and unpolished draft of your edited interview segments to ensure that you approve of the overall direction of the story. Think of this as checking in on the foundation of a house before the walls and decorations go up. Once we near completion and have incorporated music and effects to sweeten the viewing experience, we will provide you with another opportunity to approve or disapprove of anything included in the project.


Leave a legacy:

Your new documentary is ready to be shared with your family, friends, business, or community! If your project is intended to help promote your business, we will provide you with social media shorts that give a small taste of the documentary you now own– complete with your logo and branding.

Contact us!
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